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Vehicle Tracking System

Aftek has proved itself in the market by providing robust vehicle tracking devices. The same is backed with scalable and extensible portal application for the owners, fleet managers to easily track their vehicles. However in this fast paced world where people are on the move, mobile VTS comes very handy to track and manage their vehicles. The mobile application is multilingual and can support language of user’s choice.

To suit requirements of distinct end users Aftek provides 3 mobile VTS applications.

Mobile VTS

  • View all the vehicles including their location details.
  • View track details for each vehicle.
  • View existing geo fence templates and associating the same to a vehicle.
  • Receive various alerts related to geo fence or speed violation.
  • Various status reports are available as well.

Mobile Assistant (Application for the driver)

  • View the fleets (schedule) assigned to him.
  • View the current fleet including navigation details, directions on map, address of the next destination.
  • Call contact person at a specific destination.
  • View fleet status as well as alerts.

Mobile Fleet Manager

  • View fleet list.
  • View the current fleet including navigation details, directions on map, address of the next destination person at a specific destination.
  • Update the fulfillment after reaching destination. A wireless printer module is also present to provide bills or relevant fulfillment document.
  • Receives alerts related to course-correction in case of deviation.


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