Set Top Box

Aftek is developing an interactive STB framework on Android platform. The framework can help provisioning of various STB applications like astrology, interactive city, online bill payment, news, e-shopping, weather forecast, and integration with services like YouTube, Google maps etc. One can add / upgrade or remove applications on the fly.

The android STB platform hosts a dalvik virtual machine and various applications developed in android SDK. The framework facilitates the application to communicate with the application server framework over the internet. The application server framework provides connector interfaces which can communicate with actual content providers.


Set Top Box

Suite of STB applications

STB application

  • News: It provides the latest news directly from the Internet with complete data and pictures. The news will be on subjects like business, sports, entertainment, health, India, and world.
  • Astro:It provides information related to astrology based on the zodiac signs. It will have sub-features like horoscope, numerology, zodiac traits, lifestyle, and so on
  • Weather forecasts: It displays the weather information of the selected city with forecasts and satellite pictures.
  • YouTube videos: It displays the standard video list (top rated, most viewed). A user can see videos by selecting the desired video.
  • Maps: It displays the map of the selected city with important locations that the user can browse through.
  • One can develop a wide range of other applications including banking, recipes, interactive learning, Matrimony, Stocks, Travel and shopping


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Aftek and Android

Aftek specializes in Enterprise & Mobile applications, Embedded, BSP and Hardware design and development. Focused investments in research & development and industry exposure enables us to reach beyond the basic IT services to design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions.

Android provides end to end open source stack for mobile, embedded and enterprise applications. There is a natural synergy between Android stack and our core capabilities.

Aftek is focused on architecting and developing various components and frameworks over android aiming to reduce cost of development and enabling faster ROI.