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SAM - Smart Attendance Monitoring

So you have installed a card-based attendance monitoring system in your office to replace the conventional muster system and to save on the overheads. But soon you realize that it is not foolproof and there are discrepancies. For example, the number of employees present on the floor often doesn't match with the number of card swipes. Worse still, employees who are not carrying valid access cards seem to have no trouble going in / out of the premises. Assigning someone to supervise the entry / exit points is one solution, but that invalidates the whole point of having an 'automated' system to start with.

Wouldn't it be nice if a system is 'smart' enough to detect irregularities in attendance? Additionally, if this system also gives you instant notification of such events, you will be in a position to take immediate action. But of course, you don't want to burn a hole your pocket for availing these features after already investing in your existing system...

Presenting Aftek's Smart Attendance Monitoring System - a fitting, and affordable, solution to end all of the attendance related anomalies!

Comprising only of a camera and PC-based software, this smart system offers amazing versatility, without ever getting tired or partial like a human being. It incorporates advanced Face Detection and Recognition techniques which will capably complement your existing attendance monitoring systems. All you need to have is pictures of your employees and you are all set to identify the defaulters!

Ideal for both IT and non-IT industries, our solution can be easily integrated with existing setup and also offers ample scope for customization.

  • Hassle-free integration with existing attendance monitoring system
  • Automatic logging of all attendance related activities for easy tracking
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, accessible from any machine
  • Configurable notification system with SMS or eMail alerts
Package Contents
  • Camera
  • PC-based software
  • User guide
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