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Board Support Package (BSP) services are used to develop support code for a given platform that is implementation specific. It is the lowest layer of software that provides the abstraction for a specific platform.

Aftek has extended BSP services for multiple CPU architectures and operating systems. These services are developed for embedded as well as desktop platforms. We have successfully developed and implemented BSP services for our products as well as customized them for OEM and client requirements.

Every BSP component from Aftek is ensured for optimal performance and scalability.

We cater a wide range of BSP services including:
  1. BSP development

    BSP development comprises of boot loader development, operating system porting, device driver development...

  2. Firmware development

    Firmware development at Aftek is done for a variety of products ranging from automation devices to mining devices.

  3. We also offer:
      • Protocol stack porting
      • Physical validation
      • Integration and maintainence with third party BSP


  • More than 10 years of expertise in BSP development
  • Debugging Tools:
      • CATC USB analyzer
      • USB host tester
      • Smartcard analyzer
      • ICD
      • ICE
  • Extensive expertise in development of device drivers for various interfaces and peripherals
  • Fully equipped hardware design house for further performance measurement and enhancement
  • Centre of excellence for BSP development for new architectures and platforms