Trek Tool

It is often very easy to get directions in the city using some navigation system. However the same is not the case when you are on a trek, on some mountains or in a jungle. Many times finding the old trails becomes impossible and it is easy to lose the direction. Aftek has developed a solution – Trek Friend which can assist people during the treks and provide directions for the same.

The application works in two modes,

Tracking mode

  • Ability to track/record the trek.(device movement)
  • The user can record various annotations during the move including Text message, image/photos, audio/video recording, or Symbols. (Symbols can be representative of water availability, shelter, steep climb etc)
  • Online mode where GPRS is enabled - the information is passed to the portal where the actual recording takes place.
  • Offline mode where GPRS is disabled.User has facility to upload the trek information on to the portal.


Navigation mode

  • Ability to download the trek details from the portal and use as navigation tool.
  • The Navigation mode would guide the person with audio visual directions. The details of the route can also be seen.
  • On reaching vicinity of a place it would replay relevant annotations captured earlier like text, images, audio and videos or symbols.


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