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Application Integration

Working with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) presents a challenge while integrating heterogeneous systems with a consistent interface. EAI includes legacy systems as well. Aftek's diverse team and varied expertise enable smooth integration of pluggable systems.

Aftek has expertise in various levels of integration including portal, application to application, business to business, and database integration. We are proficient in adapter and plug-in development, interface creation, message brokering and transformations.

Aftek's integration framework and methodology provide reliability, consistency, flexibility, and scalability; the vital criteria of EAI.

Tools & Technologies
Message oriented middleware
  • MQ Series, MS MQ
  • JMS
  • JBoss message server
  • Flex messaging server
Portal integration
  • Microsoft sharepoint
  • JBoss portal server
Web services
  • J2EE
    1. JBoss application server
    2. WebLogic application server
    3. Oracle application server
    4. Orion application server
  • .Net Based Architecture
    1. ASP.NET
    2. VB.NET
Material Handling System
Aftek conceptualized the complete software solution for Zuari. This solution had web service based integration done with EDP System for further analysis.

Enterprise Application Integration