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Android Components and utilities

The key to stay ahead in a fast paced and competitive mobile market is to consistently deliver robust and faster time to market solutions. Aftek has always focused on enabling their customers beat the market expectations by investing in developing robust plug-n-play component libraries which not only reduces development, testing time but also reduces maintenance cost.

Aftek has started android competence center dedicated to develop reusable component libraries and utilities. The components are fast, memory optimized, easy to use yet configurable.


Media Gallery

Media gallery as the name suggests is a component which allows you to quickly create a multi-category gallery and display images, videos files along with music. The component automatically scans the specified folder, picking up all the relevant files. It provides various configurable effects like rotate, blinds, bounce, zoom & fade etc. Duration between the slides can be configured. It also provides film strip to quickly browse through the gallery. It can be embedded in a container or can run in a full screen mode.


Configuration Manager

Most of the products/applications consist of considerable amount of configurations or settings or application properties. Most of these are driven by simple configuration files bundled along with the application/product. The application / product needs to provide a facility to help the users to edit and  configure the same as per their choice. There are significant efforts required to design and develop this functionality. Configuration Manager is a component which automatically loads the properties, renders the UI on the screen with provision to save / cancel the operation, and respectively alters the actual values as set by the end user. Options of showing radio button, text, number, date and check box are possible with appropriate validations.


XLiff Manager


A substantial part of users are non-native English speakers; that is why your business application needs to be localized into the respective languages. There are significant amount of efforts required for localizing the application into multiple languages. Aftek has developed an Xliff manager component that takes the resource/properties file in any language as an input and generates the XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) for the other required locales. To help translators the component also attempts to automatically perform the translation of the labels/data in other specified locales. Then this Xliff can be sent to the Translator team for translation. Once the translation is done, the Xliff can then be imported using the component. This would then perform the necessary configurations to add the support of other languages to the application.

There are quite a few other components currently under design and development phase, which will be released shortly.


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Aftek specializes in Enterprise & Mobile applications, Embedded, BSP and Hardware design and development. Focused investments in research & development and industry exposure enables us to reach beyond the basic IT services to design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions.

Android provides end to end open source stack for mobile, embedded and enterprise applications. There is a natural synergy between Android stack and our core capabilities.

Aftek is focused on architecting and developing various components and frameworks over android aiming to reduce cost of development and enabling faster ROI.