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Aftek offers fascinating cost-effective OEM deals for VTS operators!

Pune, March 02, 2010 – Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), introduces fascinating OEM deals for Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) devices. This is ideal for vendors who already have a working infrastructure for VTS / Fleet Management or those who intend to venture into VTS business anew. Available in two models, Lite and Standard, Aftek VTS solution gives you the flexibility in choosing just the right kind of device for your business, be it small or large.   

Aftek VTS can be effortlessly integrated with your existing communication protocol model, requiring minimal changes in the existing setup. Alternatively, you can extend the feature set of your tracking device by adding Mobile interface and / or Web portal functionalities. Aftek VTS doubles in duty as an integrated vehicle monitoring device and can be used to monitor fuel-level / door state / temperature of an automobile. To read more about this lucrative offer and more, please click here .


About Aftek:
Aftek Limited is a listed company on Bombay (BSE: 530707) and National (NSE: AFTEK) stock exchanges of India, and has presence in India, US, Europe and far east. Aftek provides full spectrum technology services in hardware, BSP, embedded and applications. Aftek has vast experience in home and industrial automation, safety and security segments and provides cutting edge technology solutions. Additionally, Aftek also has deep expertise in product engineering services, SaaS, virtualization, migration and internationalization services. For more information, visit http://www.aftek.com