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Press Release
Aftek collaborates with ADD Semiconductor for the development of Smart Metering Solution.

Pune, March 17, 2010 - Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), a full spectrum technology services company and Advanced Digital Design S.A. (ADD), a world leader in the development of SoCs for communication over Power Line, today announced collaboration to develop products for the Automatic Meter Management (AMM) market.

Under the proposed terms of this deal, ADD Semiconductor will provide all data-sheets and technical material for their chips, along with technical support for integrating them in various solutions to be developed by Aftek. Consequently, Aftek will make use of ADD PLC chips and associated knowledge base to develop and / or enhance their home and building automation solutions such as Smart Grid, Digihome Solutions as well as Smart Metering Solutions.

ADD will also introduce Aftek to utility companies associated with ADD, while Aftek will provide help in establishing ADD presence in the Indian and global market. Being the founding member of 'PRIME', which is the core of "Open Meter" European initiative for a new Powerline standard, ADD will provide PRIME access to Aftek.

This incredible collaboration between Aftek and ADD will help reduce BOM cost, development time and space of smart meters for AMR / AMM market.

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About Aftek Ltd.

Aftek Limited is a listed company on Bombay (BSE: 530707) and National (NSE: AFTEK) stock exchanges of India, and has presence in India, US, Europe and far east. Aftek provides full spectrum technology services in hardware, BSP, embedded and applications. Aftek has vast experience in home and industrial automation, safety and security segments and provides cutting edge technology solutions. Additionally, Aftek also has deep expertise in product engineering services, SaaS, virtualization, migration and internationalization services. For more information, visit: www.aftek.com.

About ADD

Established in 2001, ADD Semiconductor (Advanced Digital Design S.A.) is backed by ADARA Venture Partners and is the founding member of "Prime". They are one of the key associates of the prestigious OPERA consortium and the leader of Spanish consortium of WITNESS project, inside the EUREKA European program for R&D projects.

Headquartered in Zaragoza (Spain), ADD has offices in Beijing, China and Pune, India. ADD is comprised of 40 highly qualified employees, 20 of which are solely dedicated to the R&D activities.

ADD are a world leader in the development of low cost and high efficiency systems on a single chip (SoC) for communications and digital signal processing applications. Additionally, they are involved in an ambitious international development plan for Powerline standard. For more information, visit: www.addsemi.com.