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Meet us at the Droidcon

Meet us at the Droidcon 2010, Berlin, Germany on May 26 - May 27, 2010.

The Droidcon is the premier European conference of note in the field of the open mobile smartphone platform Android. The program details can be found here.

Aftek would be presenting its Remote Application Publishing (RAP) framework that would enable developers to maintain and manage the applications on the server. RAP Framework is integrated with Aftek's RTMP library and AMF library. Applications needing audio, video would use RTMP library for provisioning the same remotely from the server. One can also perform recording of audio / video. The device side code becomes minimal with no need to redistribute the application for upgrades. This would drastically reduce the development, testing and maintenance cost. A case study of Set Top Box framework solution, which is developed using RAP framework would also be presented.

Aftek would also be presenting their innovative solution with "multi-factor" voice authentication for Android mobile device security and PLUG-N-PLAY framework for internet & mobile application security.

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