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Aftek develops framework for attendance monitoring and control

[July 14 2010]
Looking for a centralized, robust and efficient solution for employee attendance monitoring? Look no further than Aftek's attendance monitoring framework! Benefitting from Aftek's seven plus years of expertise in attendance domain, this framework is developed to address your organization's employee attendance monitoring needs and more.

Aftek's attendance monitoring framework enables easy monitoring and control of day-to-day operations in time attendance, EDP and payroll departments. It can seamlessly incorporate complex and varying business rules and HR policies without hampering previous employee data.

Aftek's attendance monitoring framework records and maintains daily attendance of the employees and provides several features like leave management, shift schedule management, over-time, late arrival, out duty, compensatory offs, visitor tracking, canteen management, gate pass management with photograph and more. It can also maintain individual employee details such as passport-visa details, educational background, training records, organizational hierarchy, CTC details and appraisals feedback. Moreover, generation of various reports and logs is now literally put at your finger tips!

You can incorporate Aftek's device-independent attendance monitoring framework with any third party hardware reader, smart card reader or even with Bio-metrics reader. You can make use of its master import utility for filling up the master data quickly. Offline reader support is also provided where network connectivity is an issue. Additionally, all of the data can be exported in text, CSV, XLS, PDF and XML formats with the option of customizing rows and columns of the attendance roaster. This data can act as an input for payroll and ERP systems. You can also send the exported report through emails to the required audience, i.e. employees, HR department, accounts, management and so on.

A web-enabled workflow based application is offered to manage leave applications, out-duty details, and "forget to swipe (flash card)" details to reduce manual paper work. When a valid card flash is not found, the system can optionally send automated notification to employees for taking corrective actions. Additionally, a superior can sanction or reject these applications and can also delegate the sanctioning duty to his subordinate when required. An employee can also request a notification for his peer's leave to plan his work accordingly. Optionally, all of these features can be accessed using a Mobile interface.

To order an evaluation copy for your organization, contact us at: productsinfo@aftek.com
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