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Aftek presents SoC based Power Line Communication Transparent Modem

Aftek presents SoC-based PLC transparent modem that allows two-way data communication over existing AC power lines, without the need of adding / replacing data lines network. Offering reliable data communication, Aftek's transparent modem is a cost-effective solution ideal for building and industrial automation. It supports centralized data collection for AMR and enables centralized control for applications such as society and street lighting.

Sporting a small form factor, Aftek's PLC blank modem is based on ADD Semiconductor's highly integrated SoC. It is fully complainant with IEC61334-4-32, EHS and KONNEX. It offers selectable baud rate from 600 to 4800 bps. Additionally, it supports inbuilt isolated power supply and consumes less than 1W in active mode. Also, this PLC transparent modem optionally supports RS-485 interface for compatibility reasons.

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