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Aftek introduces Object Recognition System, another landmark in Video Analytics

Pune, March 29, 2010 - Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), with more than 20 years of established proficiency in hardware, BSP, embedded and application solutions, now introduces Material Identification System (MIS) as a subset of Object Recognition System (ORS).

Aftek has successfully developed and deployed a number of security systems such as video door phone, access control and more. Now with the focus on video analytics and image processing, Aftek has built a strong expertise in the field of computer vision and video and image analysis for tracking of specific data, behavior, objects or pattern. Using highly advanced feature detection and tracking techniques such as SURF algorithm, Aftek's MIS ensures instant and accurate results.

Aftek's MIS / ORS minimizes long delays in searching for production material in an assembly line, as well as eliminates errors associated with a manual search. Thus, MIS is perfect for store management domains as well as for small to medium scale manufacturing industries having assembly production line. Additionally, it proves immensely beneficial for inventory management. Furthermore, MIS integrates effortlessly with existing infrastructure of store management such as Kardex system.

With best possible economic deals on offer that separates Aftek from its competitors, we are poised as an ideal offshore partner for various Video Analytics solutions. The framework of Object Recognition System is customizable enough to be used for detection of automobile parts, surgical instruments and more. To know more about MIS / ORS and more, please click here.

About Aftek:
Aftek Limited is a listed company on Bombay (BSE: 530707) and National (NSE: AFTEK) stock exchanges of India, and has presence in India, US, Europe and far east. Aftek provides full spectrum technology services in hardware, BSP, embedded and applications. Aftek has vast experience in home and industrial automation, safety and security segments and provides cutting edge technology solutions. Additionally, Aftek also has deep expertise in product engineering services, SaaS, virtualization, migration and internationalization services. For more information, visit http://www.aftek.com