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Aftek Becomes Tensilica Configurable Processor Authorized Design Center

Design & Reuse [Jun 19, 2007]
SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 19, 2007: Tensilica, Inc. today announced that Aftek Limited is now an authorized Design Center partner for customers using Xtensa configurable processors, Diamond Standard Processors, and the Xtensa HiFi 2 Audio Engine in their SOC (system on chip) designs. Aftek offers complete design services in a wide variety of embedded applications.

“We are delighted to add Aftek to our growing list of Design Center partners,” stated Steve Roddy, Tensilica’s vice president of marketing. “They are already helping one of our customers with a design project, and have the expertise to help many others.”

Aftek has considerable expertise in IP (intellectual property) integration as well as the development of system and chip specifications, hardware-software partitioning, development of reference models, and analysis of performance trade-offs. They have successful tape outs in 90nm and 130nm process technologies. They have a rich knowledge base in domains such as networking, multimedia processing, DSP (digital signal processing), connectivity, and wireless low power SOC design.

“We expect that many customers doing complex chip designs will benefit from the power and area savings available by using Tensilica’s configurable Xtensa processors,” stated Shrikant Inamdar, CEO, Elven Micro circuits Pvt. Ltd., an Aftek group company. “We look forward to working with many of them at our multiple locations around the world.”

About Aftek Ltd.
Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Aftek is a 20 year old IP-based services company with expertise in embedded systems, chip design, enterprise and wireless applications and enterprise business applications. With core competency in Communications, Aftek Ltd. with a turnover of over INR. 300 crores (3 billion), is into Networking, Telecommunications, Semiconductors and Automobile verticals. They offer custom application development, product engineering and software testing services. Today its market spreads in US, Europe, Korea and Japan with customized solution.
Visit: www.aftek.com.

About Tensilica
Tensilica offers the broadest line of controller, CPU and specialty DSP processors on the market today, in both an off-the-shelf format via the Diamond Standard Series cores and with full designer configurability with the Xtensa processor family. Tensilica’s low-power, benchmark proven processors have been designed into high-volume products at industry leaders in the digital consumer, networking and telecommunications markets. All Tensilica processor cores are complete with a matching software development tool environment, portfolio of system simulation models, and hardware implementation tool support. For more information on Tensilica's patented approach to the creation of application-specific building blocks for SOC design.
Visit: www.tensilica.com.

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