Focus Areas
High Speed Board Design

Aftek is proficient in the design of high speed boards, multi-layered boards, and high performance boards. Some of our design capabilities include:

  • Pre and post SI
  • Optimal placement and routing
  • Impedance control boards

Aftek works on high speed interfaces like DDR and SDRAM memories, PCI bus, high speed clocks, SDIO, SPI, USB and Ethernet.

Processor based embedded design
We have extensive experience in building embedded applications using processors and controllers. The designs find applications in diverse fields including: Telecom, VOIP, Multimedia, Video door phone, Home Automation, Transport, and Mining. We work on the following processors and architectures:

  • ARM, Xscale
  • Network and communication processors
  • Multimedia processors
  • Security processors
  • DragonBall

Mixed Signal Design
The electronic industry has developing applications that require integrated functionality of both digital and analog circuits. Aftek has significant expertise in the designing of mixed signals.

  • Audio video codecs, encoders, decoders
  • DAC and high speed ADC
  • Communication systems
  • RF- based band and RF frontend

We carry out the EMI, EMC testing for our development to confirm the stability and reliability in all kinds of environments. As per the requirement of the project, the standard tests conducted are as follows:

  • RE - Radiated Emission
  • RS - Radiated Susceptibility
  • CE - Conducted Emission
  • CS - Conducted Susceptibility
  • ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
  • EFT - Electrical Fast Transient
  • Surge Testing

We also carry out environmental and reliability tests like temperature cyclic, dust, vibration and drop tests.

Different geographical locations require different kind of certifications and compliances. We offer the services for such certifications for our products:

  • CE marking
  • UL certification
  • FCC certification

Reference Designs
Reference design is a technical blueprint of a system that consumers can refer while working on designs or projects. It primarily contains the essential elements of the system; however, consumers may enhance or modify the design as required. Designs of some of our modules are available for reference.

Some examples of our reference designs are as follows:
  • Mass storage device
  • Video door phone
  • Ticketing machine
  • IP camera
  • POS terminal system
  • Network projector
  • Dual mode phone
  • Residential gateway
  • Graphical console unit
Board Design Expertise
Aftek offers board design services with considerations of various aspects from design functionality, high speed signal routing in layout, PCB design, signal integrity, multilayer, engineering and product form-factor, EMI/EMC considerations and design for manufacturability...
Residential Gateway
The residential gateway board can be used in various other applications like industrial automation, communication gateway, networking gateway and many more.
Graphical Console Unit
Graphical representation with LCD and touch panel makes a system more user friendly. The device is a unique solution for any application.