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Hardware Designing for Audio Solutions

Audio communication solutions involves designing of hardware systems for analyzing audio quality and audio processing algorithms like echo cancellation for audio quality improvement.
Board Layout Design Services

Board layout is most critical and important phase of hardware design process. The quality of board can make a difference in product performance and success.
Hardware Certification

Aftek specializes in compliance testing for regulatory certifications like FCC, CE, UL as well as testing for EMI/EMC compliance.
Designing Display Based Systems

Display technology plays a critical role in how information is conveyed. It simplifies information sharing. Aftek has worked extensively with a variety of display interfaces.
Medical Electronics and Instrumentation

Cardiology with integration of GSM or CDMA technology will give birth to various solutions and medical electronic products. Wireless technologies will help to get new innovative products to market at rapid pace.
Networking and Communication Expertise

A network lets you to establish the digital communication among various embedded devices and with backend systems. Aftek has wide expertise in wired as well as wireless modes of communication supporting various standard and custom protocols.
Power-line Communication

Power-line communication and HomePlug provide mechanism to reuse existing electrical wiring that supply mains power to various appliances.
Building Secure Hardware Systems

Embedded devices used for electronic transactions need to be ultra secure from any type of electronic hacking as well as physical tempering. Aftek has designed secure and temper-proof systems for devices.
Design Considerations for Memory Devices

Aftek has worked with various high speed volatile memories, flash memory, USB mass storage, MMC, SD card, CompactFlash, PCI-IDE(ATA) while designing various systems for customers.
Board Designing for Wireless Systems

Designing of video solutions spans from designing hardware systems to video analytics and video rendering mechanisms.

Automation, monitoring and control of industrial as well as household appliances has become a necessity. Automation segments span across hardware, firmware, embedded and enterprise applications.

Point of Sale(POS) terminals are commonly used in retail stores or restaurants at checkout counters. Interactive kiosk systems are usually unattended, self service systems that provide access to information and web applications.