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Aftek Ruby on Rails Expertise

Web applications are the most important medium to share and access information and with the day to day advancement in technology there is a need for faster and efficient deliverables.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a web application framework which follows the agile development model and hence can provide quick solutions to the clients.

Aftek has developed its expertise in Ruby on Rails and has significant experience to carry out projects on Ruby on Rails.

Features of RoR

  • Applications in RoR can easily adopt changes at any point of time and hence increases overall flexibility
  • Web 2.0 is built into the framework
  • Extensive support of Java Scripts and AJAX which improves efficiency
  • Components can easily be created and reused across various applications
  • Easy availability of gems and plug-in which can be integrated with easily to enhance the functionality of the whole application
  • Easy deployment across various servers and over different platforms. The framework's emphasis on convention over configuration gives an edge overall edge to the technology

Clearly the technology has lots to offer and Aftek has efficiently exploited these features to create rapid applications.

Aftek RoR expertise

The following aspects are taken care at Aftek while developing an application on RoR

  • Appealing and user friendly interface
    The main focus is on developing a UI that is self explanatory and gives the end user ease of usability. Flash files, animations, graphs, etc are included to make the UI more appealing. No web application is complete without Web2.0 and RIA and at Aftek we take special consideration to provide this compatibility.
  • Application integration
    Cross device compatibility is also ensured and hence the applications can also be viewed on mobile phones, PDA etc. Applications on RoR can be successfully integrated with Flex to provide a more sophisticated UI.
  • Browser support
    It is ensured that the application will run smoothly across various browsers and on any resolution. Framework comes bundled with AJAX and Java Script support which is tested for various browsers. This eliminates need of exhaustive compatibility tests required for the web applications.
  • Application testing
    Apart from unit testing time to time during development phase the application undergoes endurance as well as load testing to ensure that the application is scalable and flexible.
  • Reusability with the use of Gems and Plug-in
    Many of the available plug-in and gems have been successfully integrated with the applications and hence provide reusability of key features like Login, Email notification, Web Service consumption, generating graphs, generating dynamic media galleries etc.
  • Value Adds
    We at Aftek believe that we can be extended team of our clients and we encourage value additions and suggestions which would benefit clients' business.
  • Reduction in development time by 30-40 %
  • Reduction in testing and deployment time
  • Minimizing efforts required for maintenance
  • Ensure that the application is scalable, flexible and efficient
  • Faster deliverables to the end user