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Android development in India

Companies offering Android development in India are growing rapidly and don't show any sign of decline in near future. Android being open source and Java based, Android developers in India are not dependent upon other platform SDK's demands, hence can experiment freely. It then becomes crucial to pick the right candidate amongst the crop of wannabes for Android application development. Naturally, a company with before-hand knowledge of Android related technologies will have an edge over other Android developers in India.

With a proven expertise in offering end-to-end solutions, Aftek has become one of the prime Android developers in India that also offers Android consultancy services. As Android is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Aftek's extensive experience with Linux BSP enables it to develop a variety of hardware and software application based on Android BSP.

Since the release of Android Java SDK, Aftek has gained significant hands-on expertise in Android application development, with capabilities like:

  • Designing a rich GUI with optimized graphics using OpenGL
  • Providing features using core level mobile aspects like making or receiving a call, sending or receiving SMS and post processing the same or using the camera, thus creating a richer and more cohesive experiences for users
  • Building intelligence using logs of calls, SMS and more
  • Providing features using core data such as phone book, contacts, calendar, meetings, notes or geographic location to offer a more relevant user experience
  • Providing features using various supported API including maps, media, text to speech and Bluetooth

Aftek has successfully developed a hardware platform based on PXA270 and an Android BSP for it. Additionally, Aftek has developed Android set-top box application using Android Java SDK. Clearly, with products like these, Aftek has set a new standard for Android development in India.

Android Consultancy Services

Aftek has demonstrated hands-on expertise with Application Development, Integration and System Migration capabilities covering a variety of technologies. Our skill-set is spread over almost all layers of application development, right from physical layer all the way to the application layer. We can proficiently integrate Android into any enterprise application as well as migrate the existing enterprise applications to have touch point capabilities on Android. Our diverse expertise enables us to offer a bird's eye view analysis of the entire project and suggest the most economical approach to outsource Android application development. Put simply, we are the best point-of-contact for Android consultancy services.

About Android

Android is the latest buzzword in mobile market, opening new gateways for the upcoming Android application development industry. Developed initially by Google Inc. and later by Open Handset Alliance, Android is a mobile operating system that offers 'truly open and comprehensive' platform for mobile devices. It allows developers to write customized code in Java based language that utilizes Google-developed Java libraries.

The Open Handset Alliance consists of leading technology and wireless companies sharing a common goal of encouraging innovations in Android application development and thereby giving consumers an enhanced user experience, which is not possible with other mobile platforms. By offering developers such level of openness, Android enables collaborative work and accelerates the pace at which new and innovative mobile services are made available to consumers.

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