BSP Development

Aftek offers development of complete BSP for your platform. All BSPs from Aftek are designed for reliability and optimal performance. Aftek has developed BSPs for platforms based on various popular microprocessors/microcontrollers and for different OS including RTOS.

BSP development mainly comprises of
  1. Device driver development
    Aftek's specialization in device drivers offers a wide spectrum for developing device drivers.

  2. Boot loader development

    Aftek has extensive expertise in boot loader development, porting, and customization on different architecture platforms.

    Aftek has experience in working with multiple boot loaders on different CPU architectures:

      • ARMboot
      • U-Boot
      • EBOOT
      • RedBoot™
      • AFTEKBoot (in house boot loaders)
      • Blob
      • UBL

  3. Operating system porting

    Aftek has extensive expertise operating systems porting. We have successfully ported operating systems for different architectures. It includes various flavors of Linux, uCos, eCos®, WinCE on several hardware architectures. Aftek's porting solutions guarantee optimal performance with low memory footprint.

    The client can leverage the BSP expertise of Aftek for porting the specified operating system for upcoming architectures. We also offer to port the operating system to any platform.

  4. File system development and optimization

    With the shrinking size of embedded devices and powerful processors coming up, operating systems and correspondingly file systems support have become highly essential. A well designed file system dictates the performance and reliability of the product to a larger extent.

    Over the years, Aftek has provided quality solutions in the file system arena. Aftek offers the following services to cater different client needs:

      • Development of file system
      • Optimization of existing files system to enhance performance and reliability

    Also, Aftek has been a key player in providing solutions related to proprietary file systems to suit client needs. These solutions have helped the client gain a phenomenal improvement in performance over the earlier file system.

    Aftek has worked on popular file systems including: JFFS, JFFS2, ROMFS, CRAMFS, YAFFS, custom FFS, RAMFS, FAT32, TFAT, EXT2, EXT3, and more.

  5. Testing and optimization

    Aftek offers a suite of comprehensive, proven, testing services; designed specifically for BSP and embedded devices. The services offered include test automation, test outsourcing, and test process consultancy; which include functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing. We achieve the best results by striking a balance between manual testing and automated testing. Our qualified test teams work closely with development engineers (in house or offshore). It helps to quickly identify and debug problems, and suggest methods that resolve issues quickly and effectively.

    Our engineers have extensive experience in driver performance optimization for various platforms and operating systems. Aftek will work with your existing drivers to dramatically improve their benchmark performance scores; thereby increasing total system performance.

    Practices like overnight testing and regression testing using automated tools and scripting helps to analyze the performance and the endurance of the product. The completeness of the testing is ensured as we have independent teams for hardware testing, driver testing, and application testing. Our expert recommendations have helped clients to accomplish the results on time. In addition to black box testing; we also review, analyze, and optimize the source codes to achieve defect free product.

    eCos is a registered trademark of eCosCentric Limited.
    RedBoot is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

Aftek Developed BSPs For
Operating systems:
  • Embedded linux
  • eCos®
  • Windows CE
  • ARM (ARM7, ARM9)
  • XSCALE (IXP425, PXA270, PXA255)
  • DAVINCI (DM6446, DM6443, DM355)
  • OMAP
  • MIPS
  • X86
Allied Services

We can extend the services for BSP development for other platforms and OS including:

Operating systems:
  • uCos
  • VxWorks
  • Palm OS
  • POSIX compliant OS
  • Windows XP embedded
  • IPOS
  • PowerPC
  • Strong ARM
  • Dragon ball
  • SH-3 mobile
  • Tensilica diamond core
  • Microblaze
  • Configurable DSP
Win CE 6.0 on DVEVM
Aftek has ported Windows CE 6.0 on DM6446 (DaVinci based) based evaluation platform (DVEVM). Major achievements are increased network throughput and USB host stack porting.
eCos® on Tensilica
Aftek is the first one to port eCos® 2.0 on DC232L CPU (Diamond core from Xtensa family) from Tensilica. It has been tested on the evaluation platform XTAV60 from Tensilica.