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Android AMF Library
  1. Add AMF messaging support.
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iPhone AMF library
AMF Client Library provides a seamless and easy way for iPhone applications to leverage Adobe's AMF 3.0 protocol and guarantee a faster response time from the server. The library supports remoting and secured remoting for iPhone applications. The implementation is asynchronous in nature providing success and failure callbacks. This allows application to perform other tasks without blocking the application.
The Need
Ever wondered if an already developed enterprise backend services can be used for iPhone applications? iPhone applications running on mobile phones normally make use of GPRS / Wi-Fi connectivity to fetch data / response from the server. An optimized protocol proves as a boon to reduce the response time of a mobile application communicating with a server backend.
The AMF Client Library facilitates remote procedure calls using an optimal binary protocol from Adobe - AMF 3.0. Once the call is made, the mobile application has a choice to perform other independent tasks - and hence make mobile application more responsive.

The response is received from the server in the form of a call back of success or failure. The marshalling and de-marshalling of objects is automatically taken care by the client library.

Usage Scenarios
  • Any mobile based client server application using a backend working on AMF protocol.
Instructions to use the library
  • Statically link the library to your iPhone applications.
  • The evaluation version allows you to make 5 remote calls to a connected server.The registered version has no such restriction.
Roadmap of the library
  • Add AMF messaging support.