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Face Detector
Face detector allows sorting out the I-frames (intra coded frames) with faces from given MPEG-2 clip.
The Need
From storage and security point of view it is always crucial to separate out the part of a clip which contains faces. This will help in reducing storage requirements and strengthening the security aspect.
Face detector helps in detecting the I-frames with faces from given MPEG-2 clip.
As output it gives the offsets and length of the I-frames with faces.

MPEG Clip Face Detector

MPEG Clip Face Detector

The frame extractor extracts images from given clip. Using these images it is determined whether face is present or not. If present then the offset and length entry are made in output file and the local image copy is deleted.

  • The face detector can be effectively used to reduce the clip size depending upon a face is present or not
  • Also it can be integrated with video surveillance system to strengthen the security